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Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's that smell boss?

Writer: Suraj Vijay Saxena

2 years back

I was reading the script, was going to anchor an event. Moderator slammed the door walking in... Picked up some papers, I believe those were the list of programs occurring in the event, and asked me to complete the reading quickly, event was about to begin in 10 minutes… That is not how you liaise with your suddenly became anchor... Well that wasn’t in my fait actually … I wasn’t aware of the thing that I'm going to anchor an event. Its not my fault if their anchor didn’t turned up on the event. I completed the script and left the room … walked into the washroom standing in front of a mirror, I was having a last look on my hairstyle, my clothing, my smile, my expression making different mood of faces and rushed to pee… I think it would look odd if I start running from the stage in the washroom… I don’t want that scenario to be created... 

“Hello friends… nice to see such happening audience after a long time in an annual function… I'm your host of the evening Suraj Vijay Saxena”

Oh! The crowd was filled with cute faces … and the best part was they all were looking at me (^_^)
Well obviously because I was anchoring the event… and I'm a most handsome looking boy. (According to my mom)… 

“OMG! That was a Phenomenal and mesmerizing performance, what you say guys?”  And there was a loud cheer audible.
I was speaking all the scriptual speech and then I saw a face in the audience, and I instantly fell for the face … I wished if she could be my co-anchor. Skin white as milk, creamed lips moving seductively along with her sharp gestures … I was lost for a while .. Then I heard “speak up!”  From the back, it was the moderator, and I continued with the scriptural speech of mine.

After three four programs I was backstage and was pretending to read the script… but I was so lost in that face… and I’ve decided to talk to her after the event … I saw moderator coming towards me though there was a loud noise because of the performance happening meanwhile… she came closer to me and said loudly.. 

“Is there any space for an extra performance?” she loudly said.

“Yes I believe, a boy who was doing a guitar performance didn’t turned up” more loudly I said.

“Okay then! There is a girl who is willing to give a dance performance… a classical one. Her name is Chirasha” she barked.

 I showed her thumbs up, and killed the conversation.

Well I was doing my job well …

After another performance when I came to backstage I saw that girl of the face which I fell for... Whose skin was Skin white as milk; lips were creamed and were moving seductively along with her sharp gestures. Yes, that girl… she was walking towards me … I was lost again… she came closer to me so that her words become audible and said “I'm chirasha” for me it was actually “Chih-Raah-Shaaaa” all in slow motion … a clout of very foul smell entered into me when she spoke… I was wondering “No, she couldn’t be the same girl I was fantasizing … she talked to me… Aaaaargghhhh….. that smelly girl …Ooo…  I was cursing those loud speakers because of them I have to be close to that smelly girl…. I ended the conversation saying

“Ok get ready I'm going to announce your name, All the best!”

I rushed to stage announced her name … I was controlling myself not to announce that

“A smelly bitch is about to shake her leg”

After two minutes I was sitting at the backstage with my Face resting on my palms… she was performing on the stage … and I was wondering… with my eyes wide open.
“What’s that smell boss”

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