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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Coca-Cola international day of happiness.

"Coca-Cola" we gave it a lovely name "Coke".
 A big thanks to Coca-Cola for celebrating international day of happiness.
As far as my share of happiness is concerned there are countless things i can share with you people.
Coke actually drags me towards happiness every time.
there are many moments where i am holding a coco-cola can, sitting in a group, having loads of fun, On a  road trip or on the roof at late nights spreading happiness,

Today I'm going to share a story that im so sure that you will be so happy after complete reading it, it was so unexpected for me that this incident happened with me, but it was a proud moment for me, im glad that destiny chose me to be at the right time on the right place,

And it all goes like.

Festival of light and Festival of the celebration of good upon evil that is what we call Diwali.
Bright lights adding beauty to every building, flaming of diyas and candles to gives a soothing pleasure every road circle filled with every possible thing it could be, you can see “masrufiyat” of every vendor.

You can see smiles of children with a big packet of crackers and their favourite sweets.
Streets filled with many hard working vendors selling their products in brutal sunny weather with a smile on the face.

Embarking each day with a hope that enough sale to be done that they could save for a satisfactory Diwali celebration. Their children had a refusal from their childhood, they are never meant to be played in grounds like other children do, and they are never asked to recognize their interest in particular field,

I was in the diwali market with my sister we were shopping for the occasion it was so much sunny that day, our throat went dry, i decided to buy a Coco-Cola Can, and was gulping it lavishly, it was so soothing as it was decreasing the marginal utility with each units consumed, Sorry I'm an economic freak. Basically it was chilling me down and i was feeling great.

Me with my sister reached to the destined place, the crackers shop.
We were buying some stuff and there came two children with eyes filled with joy, Their cloths were dirty, Their face looked tiring, I assumed they were brother-sister, my every attention was upon them.

I could differentiate between the two pair of siblings, me and my sister and those two children , the sister among them asked the vendor
,”भईया यह कितने का है? (How much does this cracker costs)”  pointing towards the smallest packet of all with the hope that that product comes under their purchasing power.
The packet comes with a single unit of thisseries (लड़ी)

Vendor breaks the anticipation of those two saying
तीस रूपए का है (It costs 30 rupees)

 Hearing what vendor said the pair was a bit upset looking at each other murmuring something into the ears, the sister asked further

“भईया दस रुपए वाला नहीं है क्या?”(Don't you have any cracker that costs 10 rupee)

Both of them were feeling shy of asking this question but what else they could have done?
Likewise me too felt shy of my pointless luxurious life just because I was born in a family which can buy me such facilities.
I was feeling helpless, though I asked the vendor my total and he said 270
I asked him to give that packet to that duo standing next to us and add 30 rupees to my bill.
As I said this statement everyone looked at me like I have done such over blunder thing, the vendor, the customers but as the packet moved to their hand … I didn’t bothered about anyone.
The duo was looking at me and smiling, Smiling through the heart.
Happiness could be seen into their eyes.

The vendor said to the boy
भैया को थैंक यू तो बोल दे! (Atleast say thanks to the gentleman)”

The boy said thank you with a most shy manner with a deep curve smiling on his face.
And then the duo ran with each joyous step ahead.

This incident was the one that make me feel happy.
This is what happiness meant to me
Share your happiness with the world.
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