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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy birthday, And I'm into floods.

I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.Barbara Bush

We all love our family, and i strongly feel that the one who is attached to his family, he/she can never do something wrong because they respect the power of togetherness, the power of being a family,To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
In very conceivable manner,family is link to our past and bridge to our future, family is a second chance to our mistakes all the time. family is our first teacher, family means standing at the back of each other and giving support to each other in any misery of life.
Here is my story of togetherness which motivated me to never lose hope, there's a bright sun after the dark nights. It gave a seed of optimism into me which grew every moment, and builds up my self confidence.

Trip down memory lane, It was 21st July 2004, you must be thinking that I'm pretty specific with dates but actually this date is birth date of My Father , My Uncle , and My Cousin Brother , so many things in common with this date, and it was first birthday of my brother. A big function was held, my dad is the eldest of all the brothers, so all the main function were generally held at our house.
From 20th night it was heavily raining, lights were off.
We all were so excited for the function it was our youngest brother's birthday.
though there was a depressive nature's gesture through rain and off electricity. but the anticipation was so high that it couldn't effect our joyous moments. we made plans, prepared guest's list had lots of fun with our family sitting over dinner ,a candle light dinner, there was no electricity.. and eventually i slept. 

Next morning i got up and i witnessed an unimaginable site,

My Bed was surrounded by water, dirty and muddy colored and it was below knees and gradually was increasing, my whole family was in a hustle. collecting important things from ground floor and placing it at the first floor. i do joined this movement doing the same collecting and placing activity .
About an hour after the water level was this much that we children cannot step to the ground floor we sat on the first floor and it was under construction by that time.

Only dad was down there, he went down to bring us something eatable. and he came up with raw veggies.. like tomato, cucumber, cauliflower etc. and i had to eat those with no questions as i have to fill those pits of my stomach.

At the front of the house there was only water was visible like an ocean, no roads were visible any far site.

We were all disappointed to see that there will be no function now,
but dad said," We will make it once the water level goes down.

but we knew dad's words are just for the sake of binding the happiness together within us.

By evening raining stopped and water level goes down.

And it was all a surprise for us kids dad already had a setup at our farmhouse. and everything was ready there.

It was the day i learned how to make things perfect and holding the smiles on the faces of our loved ones.

it's the company that matters more than the advice, and that is the power of being #together!


  1. Awwsome ...description , beautiful way of expressing thoughts .
    Enjoyed a lot reading above and yes i do believe in love care we share wid our family.....*****