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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time to leave this planet- Worst 3 Indian TV commercials ever seen.

Today the media plays a massive role in our lives, or we being influenced by the media to make our choices without even knowing. ... Commercials, also have a big impact in our lives. some advertisements are so eloquent with the words and gives us the profound meaning of the cause of commercial within 30 seconds.
Some are so good that they make you trip down the memory lane, One I remember from my childhood, if you are from 90's I'm sure you have a soft spot when this ad shows up on television :

As I'm writing this post for the worst commercials, i would to like draw your attention towards some of the funniest, wackiest, dumbest TV commercials you have ever seen. Commercials which have dilapidated the image of Indian advertising industry.

Message to all these ad makers

And the first commercial I would like to present before you is 


We all know who is RUPA, Err,,, I mean what is rupa?
Rupa is the the leading undergarments manufacturer, a leading hosiery and knitwear company.
This ad is going to drive you up the wall or you'll bang your head with your laptop screens if you want to explore some logic out of this ad.

It starts with a wife (Karishma tanna, BigBoss 8 Fame) who is screaming for no cause because eventually she doesn't give a shit about anything when she see his husband standing naked wearing only a RUPA XING and towel around his neck, that disappoints me to see that the her husband was so damn idiot to not to wear that towel on his waist.
And there she calms down when she see his hubby's underwear march,
and  she urges him not to go to office today, For no logic

And that "Joru ka Gulaam" Calls his boss (Saurabh shukla) and tell him that he is not going to office with the most dumbest excuse that " I'm going to celebrate frontline day today"

I'm not a critic, but that's something not acceptable.

Moving on...

"Arrey pehila pyaar pe pahila paigaam likhda..
Ehi reshmi jaadu ke anjaam likhda..
Gauri apani saadi pe 
Hamaar naam likhdaa.."

Don't take me wrong i didn't composed this Bhojpuri song.
Actually the commercial starts with this motherfucking song.
With manoj tiwari singing as if he is a true saree lover and he is going to dance wrapping any saree from kala niketan store.

  • Ramesh Suresh Series 5 Star ads
This Commercial series actually threatened the viewers not to eat 5 star.


It clearly states that the one who eats Cadbury 5 star become unsound mind, lunatic, dumb, upset minded ..Okay! I calm down, else I would reach down in the dumps thinking of it.

This ad shows that a person's mind will stop working when he take a bite of 5 star.
One of these ads showed that "pitaji ki patloon" keeps on decreasing in size with their lack of senses,
 It also showed the dumb tailor, who is although busy on phone, isn't he noticing the same line repeatedly spoken by the duo. He never reacts saying "Bhai ho gyi patloon chotti, ab kya chaddi bana dun patloon ko"
But no, he's in the ad for this dumbness.

In the above ad Ramesh& Suresh's "Pitaji" become their uncle.
and they argue on whether the 5 star is soft or mulayam?

I know you are like this 

Seriously, Its time to leave this planet.

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  1. Love the siberian husky meme... I hate the 5 star adds too... cheers

    1. Thank you.. And the irony is that I like cadbury 5star.. :P

  2. RUPA FRONTLINE XING is indeed very irritating. Where is the logic?
    Well written as always. Enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thanks Somya!! :) :)
      Keep Writing Keep sharing