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Friday, June 12, 2015

I Have nothing to write.

I have nothing to write. Seriously! Nothing!
But still some instinct of mine inside me told me to write, I am not giving a false statement, I really don’t have any topic, you might be thinking that I’ll eventually drag you to some topic. I've not reached to that magnum opus in writing.
You can still skip reading this, because down there is only a bunch of baloney, If you go through I’m sure,
The thing made me write is my thought process, my huge horrible, terrifying, dark, sharp as a spear, off the hook on a way to my weak spots, imaginal spots, and to stay away from those thoughts, I started writing.

I know you’re getting that touch of boredom, but I’m not responsible for that, you started reading instead of my warning about the baloney track, still there is time you can watch another season of how I met your mother, go to park, go out with your dog, and feed your girlfriend.
Err... I mean feed your dog and go out with your girlfriend,
Girlfriend!! Yes... Love, relationship, Bonding, Care, Politics, Plans, Assassinations, sounds similar.
I’m in only relationship with my Laptop, I know that’s the most commonly heard line from the singles but that’s the truth folks, We do not flaunt this phrase baselessly, It is the truth, even my mobile is not that useful to me. Every time I pick my phone 70% I see only the date and the time. 20% are the messages of those people I prefer to see date and time more interestingly, rest 10% are the meaningless groups on Whatsapp.
Well It looks like I have wasted like 2.5 minutes of your life reading this page, I am not even sure anyone reached till here, even if now I write song lyrics here no one is going to complain about it. So here I am singing and writing the lyrics
“And you will go to Myknos
And a vision to the gentle coast
And a sun to may be dissipate,
 Shadows of the mess you made.”

Oh! You still here. (  ._.)  

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