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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Flashback

Yesterday,when i was crossing the road which was passing by st.Paul's, my Paul's ...
i spared myself from a high speed collision,because my eyes were struck in staring the Paul's infrastructure...
when i reached home lying on my bed,one hand supporting my neck,my thoughts stumbled,and then i continued flowing through the sentiments and the THE FLASHBACK started....
A kid of IInd standard with tie belt on his white as foam shirt & half pant with black leather shoes, Is standing on the gate of Paul's .. observing each activity ,blooming of flowers,greenery of grass,rising sun,and setting of moon,and the smiling guard sahib.
While climbing the stairs as the way was enlightened by someone,he got entered into the corridor,A very dark and long one.
Assembly gathered,many new faces staring him & vice-versa, class teacher introduced this new child in class,"Good morning children, meet your new classmate Suraj saxena.
He, the boy wished a warm hello to everyone&then"The flashback throws the dark side of his by taking me to year 2008 the present"
Suraj is riding a moped its 11:00am, he reached to Paul's gate, at some distance,board is visible on which result is hanged of supplementary papers.
He walked in the campus, eradicating the pebbles on the way.
He reached to the board and checked the board whole from begining to the end.
Whole nostalgia flushed and remained all "Dead silence & silences".
In the crowd of thousand success seekers. he was the only one who achieved crown of failures.He felt no power in his limbs.He stumbled & fall on the ground. guffaw all around...
5 years have passed, still he is putting  all his veins in achieving success, and success has put efforts to run away from him…

Slowly the flashback is turning into a nightmare…


  1. We have never loved our school as you did.... You are a true Paulite. ....forever!!

  2. Yaa.. may be.. Once upon a time i loved my school.

  3. *Wiping tears*
    You stir those emotions that I like bury somehwere deep inside.

  4. Well this was the time which invigorated me to face the miseries, simply this was a turning point. the first jerk on the journey of life. Also its abashful coz its been a long time ago almost a decade back. and in the past ten years i understood that this was nothing. life has to be challenging. Nobody wants to live like a vegetable.