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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Facts Of Love

In my 20 years of living and 10 years of researching on the topic ‘love’. I came to conclusions which I would like to share with all of you.


Love is a mere good explanation skill between two. Even if you get caught with a guy or girl in his or her bedroom. You should be able to explain that you were giving his or her’s room a diwali cleaning on the eve of valentine’s.


Love is a waste of money (especially and only on girls, they always forget their mode of exchange in their rooms.) If you save your one meeting bucks, you will not face financial crisis for a month.


Love is a good dose for hardworking students who studies in night, Cause as we fall in love
“Meri nind ud gayi hai, Mera chain kho gaya hai”
This kind of scenario rises in dark nights with students aka lovers, they can study lessons of love. Well its hard for me cause I have different perception related to this and that theory states that..
“Log kehte hai pyaar Mein nind udd jaati hai,
Koi hamse bhi pyaar kare, Kyunki hamein bahut nind aati hai. LOL


Love gives sometimes very weird situations like if you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend and you have use washroom for any reason(You naughty reader, I'm not gonna mention the reason) you can sing a song like … “Saiyaan nainon ki bhaasha samjhe naa”
Days before my very good friend came home after roaming with his girl and used my washroom to pee mercilessly. WTF!


Love is nothing but a poor understanding of humor,
When it is a great joke, a punch for you, a silly minded girl of yours would definitely say while pressing some digits of her expensive cell phone.
“What’s there to laugh about?”


Love is waste of energy  of your great thoughts which could enhance your knowledge, develop you and your country, instead of a thought that have ruined lives of many ,

“How beautiful her eyes are”

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